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I am a 52 year old Bi Sub married, in good condition, but as I say, a bi sub. After talking with some big kids swinging in the sky, I have a male aged 61, who said he was talking to youjizz a cathedral. After a couple of calls, we arranged to meet when my wife was away for a few days. It soon became clear that there was actually a dome, I ordered could not reach an orgasm for 4 days before our meeting, said that this would ensure that was nice and cool when it arrived. The day came and as you can imagine, I was very frustrated at this time and the need for youjizz sexual release, he also had disappointed me completely naked when he arrived. The time came, and was hit in time, I heard the car approaching the tracks of the way now, my heart was strong, beating with anticipation and my penis was semi -hard, Knoke at the door and opened it and began completely naked in front of him while he was disappointed, because the cold air hit me, and he was there and looked at me, I've never been exposedin my life naked in front of the guys in the gym, but this knowledge was about the youjizz sexual desire became more intimate. He entered the kitchen and put his hand on my balls do not have comprehensive word, just looked at me directly, then back to my now fully erect cock. He said, ' very nice guy, suger coffee please,' as youjizz my career aside and entered the living room and it was at home on the couch, 'Here is monsieur, ' I said as his position on the table next to him: ' well, you can look good on you boy,' stood up and told me to open my legs and stood with hands on head, stood by my side and 'inspected' my cock and eggs, my foreskin back and right with a good sense of my glans, and grabing my ass checks and gave me a blow, let me know who was responsible, 'you know the kids like, 'he said,' Yes sir, ' was my answer, as I tried to regain composure, grabibg a lot of my pubic hair, said,' That will have to go, I like the subsshaved, nice and smooth, 'I protested, ssking explaine how my wife was, youjizz and usually do not shave there ' will not be my son damn problem, now where's the bathroom, I shave ' walk to the bathroom, my hard cock floating in front of me, I knew that I had no choice in the matter, I wanted to lose pubic hair and shaved my balls, the bowl filled with warm water, soaping and latherd my hard cock and filled balls, a God who really need to run everything I could think, took the knife and began to shave, he took his time and make sure not to miss stray hairs after shaving injected me, from me and wiped me dry, 'Well, the boy is better,' he said as he watched his practical work, so I was there, stark naked, fully erect, and not a single hair and my dick or balls, while still fully clothed. stood up and began to undress, leaving his pants ', kneeling child,' I did what I said, 'You know what to do, havethey are to me, 'so that my fingers in the spring, I pulled up a cock very hard and very big, much bigger than mine, a good 8-inch balls shaved pubis and quarterly disclosure ' good boy What do you expect, you must master to stop, ' said yes, sir, when I had a cock in the mouth used to fuck for the first time it felt good to me and knew great, and moaned as she licked sucked his meat man ' oh shit yeah, that youjizz 's it, suck men 's cock like a bitch good,' he said, took more than 10 minutes before telling me of his impending orgasm ' Ok guys, I cum in your mouth, youjizz you know, 'I looked up and youjizz noded ' and that 's going to swallow, you know 'and again looked at me and nodded at this time, he saves the back of my head and I was attracted not so much from him as he was fucking my mouth, I was under no doubt that will happen very soon, shouting loudly 'oh shit, oh shit', then a very strong ' aaaarrrggh ' and felt the first splash of hotcum filled my mouth, I sawllowed as I was told again and again, had the face tan, but I have to swallow every last drop, I kept sucking him gently, so that you do as much joy as I could ' now that is a good boy, 'he said when he dropped the limp cock in my mouth now. My own cock was hard and need attention, as I run? That's a different story will continue.....
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